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What we do

We don’t just code, we problem solve.

Web Applications

Developing B2B and B2C software web apps that simplify business processes.

We have built numerous profitable web applications that provide users an intuitive end-to-end experience. Our custom solutions can also leverage any of your existing systems, including payment gateways and transaction management; identity verification, sales and communication platforms.

Anything we build is yours! We don’t appropriate ideas, nor do we ask for any ongoing return for successful products.

Ideas are our bread and butter, so don’t wait wondering, if you have one get in touch today by clicking on the link below.


Integrating business systems so information passes seamlessly between them.

We have created a number of APIs (Application Programming Interface) for our clients to connect their web or mobile applications with third-party systems.  There are three main purposes to build an API:  
1) Retrieving data 
from third-party systems to feed into your web app (ie. pre-populating user data in the web app from your CRM) ,
2) Feeding data from a web app into a third-party system (ie. sales data is fed into Salesforce), 
3) Integrating services so that they appear on your web app (ie. PayPal or Google Maps).

We have experience creating each of these types of APIs for our clients with the aim of improving the user experience, preventing data related errors, and increased efficiency.

Need to integrate with existing business systems? We’ve got you covered, just click the link below.

Business Analysis

Identifying opportunities to automate and increase efficiency in your business.

To retain (or attain) a competitive advantage your business should be undertaking an analysis of its core activities every year. We help our clients map out their current processes and in doing so identify opportunities for improvement. The solutions we come up with range from simple tools, like putting a paper form online, to more elaborate web applications that transform the way our client provides a service. Our analysts will engage with your business stakeholders, product owners, sales people and the end-user to create meaningful change.

Get in touch today to let us know how we can help.


Working with you to brainstorm, ideate, prototype and develop successful MVPs.

We can help you create MVPs (minimum viable products) to test your idea in the market. The key is to keep it quick, simple and cheap. An MVP is a version of a product that allows you to collect the maximum amount of validated learning (customer feedback that proves or disproves assumptions) with the least amount of effort. It can take the form of an email, an explanatory video, a website landing page, wire-frames or a simple brochure website.

There’s no need to spend months and tens of thousands of dollars before talking to potential customers, get in touch today and we can help you ask them what they want right now.

User Experience

Engaging users to ensure they have an unparalleled experience with your app.

User experience (UX) design encompasses usability, design, content, performance, and accessibility all to deliver an enjoyable and intuitive experience. UX is key for complex web applications. Users should not have to read an instruction manual to be able to use a system. Our process involves working with graphic designers, developers, customer experts and most importantly users themselves.

If you want to make sure your web app surpasses the business objectives you’ve set, get in touch with us now and we’ll make sure your users keep coming back.

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How we work

Catering our approach to your needs.

We understand that different businesses and projects require different approaches to design and development. That’s why our project teams are familiar with both Agile and Design & Build approaches to developing web apps.


This approach provides the flexibility and freedom to pivot product development efforts as new priorities emerge. It ensures:

  • Speed to market

  • Flexibility to alter direction based on business/user needs

  • Testing with users

  • MVP approach to design

  • Continuous improvement

Design & Build

If your product launch requires a relatively fixed scope or budget, then we can implement our 5-stage process to support it:

  • Planning and requirements gathering

  • Design and client feedback

  • Development and testing

  • Training and launch

  • Post launch handover

Our skills

A great mix of experience, curiosity and talent.

Programming Languages

  • C#

  • C++

  • PHP

  • VBA

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • HTML

Web Platforms

  • Salesforce

  • DocuSign

  • Twilio

  • Intercom

  • VixVerify

  • PinPayments

  • Sharepoint

Development Operations

  • Azure

  • AWS

  • Digital Ocean

  • Octopus

  • Team City

  • Bamboo

Web App Design

  • Software architecture

  • Database design

  • User interface design


  • Designing MVPs

  • Prototyping

  • Brainstorming

  • Ideation workshops

User Experience

  • Customer interviews

  • Wireframing

  • User testing

  • Customer journey mapping