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Our story

From a one-man band to a dedicated team.

Digital Carpenter is a Sydney based tech consulting and software development company specialising in the delivery of innovative web applications.

Our clients range from large, forward thinking ASX listed companies to mid-sized startups, that all require an agile development company that can deliver quality products in tight time-frames. We are fortunate to work on projects that transform industries, and as such, our team consists of people with extraordinary vision, passion and drive.

What we value

It’s about more than the work.


To inspire the creation of innovative web applications that:

  • Challenge conventional thinking,

  • Transforms industries through a core focus user needs, and

  • Celebrates failures as an opportunity for growth.


We are a team that focuses on:

  • Continuously delivering the highest quality work on time/budget

  • Continuously foster a culture of opportunity and fearless innovation

  • Constantly seek to work with and for the best people

The team

Get to know us a little better.

A truly exceptional team of innovators and full-stack developers.

Chris CarpenterFounder
An accomplished technology consultant, with a proven track record of advising, leading and delivering successful software projects. With more than 17 years IT experience, Chris’s defining skill is the ability to bridge the gap between IT and business decision makers.
Dan TruongTech Lead / Software Architect
A skilled, capable and passionate senior developer, with over 16 years experience in a broad range of programming disciplines. With a combination of business acumen and technical proficiency, he has a flawless track record in delivering high quality products for clients.
John PaneloSenior Web Developer
A dedicated and hardworking full-stack senior developer with extensive knowledge in web development. With over 17 years of experience, John has cultivated expertise in a variety of technologies, particularly open-source development.
John QuintalSenior Web Developer
With 18 years in the industry, John believes that a fundamental understanding of the principles of good software design are integral to leveraging any new technology. Technology stacks continue to improve and so should the software developer to meet the demands of evermore challenging requirements.
Anjo WongWeb Developer
A full-stack developer with over 8 years experience working in a variety of industries, including property, telecommunications, banking and gambling. Anjo actively seeks opportunities to learn about new technologies like the latest Angular framework for web development and Kotlin for Android mobile programming.
Kevin LiQA / Junior Web Developer
Kevin came to Digital Carpenter as a career changer from the accounting and compliance industry. The QA and web developer role was a perfect fit given his analytical background and tech savvy mind. With a can-do attitude and an appetite to learn, Kevin never backs down from a challenge!