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At Digital Carpenter we will work with you to create or source the right application that will do exactly what you need it to do. Whether that's to help you gather and organise information, support specific departments in your business or build something unique to your industry that you just can’t buy in a store. Call today to discuss your problem, and lets start working on the solution - 0402 352 491. 

Custom Web Applications

Web sites specifically built to solve your problems

Do you need an online database to organise the information collected by your client helpline? Perhaps a workflow system to streamline your business process? Or something that you know exactly how to do on paper or in Excel, but need help to make it web enabled and distributed online? Whatever you need, we can help create it for you. If you can describe the problem, we can come up with a technological solution.


Content Management Systems

A CMS gives you control over your websites content

A CMS provides you with a way to edit your website content directly and easily. There are a lot of different products out there, and we have worked with many of them. We specialise in the Open Source product Drupal, which provides a proven and robust CMS solution. Though we also have experience in SharePoint, Spectra, Joomla and WordPress to name a few.


Data Migration Services

Moving data from one system to another is one of our specialties

Do you need to move large amounts of data between systems? Whether it's from a legacy system that is soon to be decommissioned or migrating your existing website to a new CMS, we can help. I've been involved in data migration projects from accounting systems to web sites with thousands of pages of content and can help you move any type of data. Give me a call and let's discuss your options.


Training & Support

Training customised to your specific requirements

Whether it's software that we have developed for you, or something that you have purchased separately, we can provide training that will get you and your staff working in the shortest possible time. Our training is custom developed for you. I will work with you and your staff to create a comprehensive training course that covers only what you need to know, so that no-ones time is wasted.


Desktop Applications

Custom applications that run on your Windows PC

We have experience in creating applications that can be installed onto a Windows PC and can accomplish a range of tasks. Sometimes it is not possible to connect to the internet from where your employees are, or there is another requirement that makes a desktop application a smarter choice than a web app. We have developed apps from custom Data Converters to Desktop Employee Security applications.